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Hello to all Rapshaw members and families.  The Board of Directors has continued to follow the impact of the pandemic throughout New York State and Northern New York.  We have watched and discussed the progress that has been made, and most recently the continuing progress as we re-open the State and our lives together.  Furthermore, we have had conversations with the Herkimer County Health Department, New York State ESD, and the Adirondack League Club who is a remarkably similar Club to Rapshaw and currently open and operating.

Consequently, the Rapshaw Board has decided that we will re-open on Tuesday June 16, 2020.

In addition to the information above we have made this decision for the following reasons.

1.       We have updated and improved our necessary guidelines that will be in place for the 2020 season.  The updated guidelines are attached to this email.

2.       We have the confidence in our Membership to follow these necessary guidelines and in doing so, show the deserved respect to all members and their guests while on the Island.

3.       We have discussed the necessary guidelines with our staff as they have continued to evolve.  We know that our staff is eager to open, and we have the confidence in them to provide outstanding service to our members and their guests while adhering to the guidelines that have been created for the 2020 season.

4.       The Board will be meeting on the Island June 13 to help make further preparations for the Club to open on June 16.  In doing so we will be including the staff in our discussions regarding the necessary guidelines so that we are all on the same page and prepared to successfully open.

5.       Ultimately, it was the overwhelming opinion of the Board that we can adhere to these guidelines and successfully open on June 16,2020.

I have referred to the guidelines as necessary guidelines.  These necessary guidelines have been created to protect our membership, their guests, and our staff.  Every business that opens in New York State is required to have a covid-19 re-opening plan as to how they will safely operate and re-open their business.  We are attesting to this plan, and if we were to be inspected our necessary guidelines would be presented as our plan to responsibly and successfully re-open.  I would ask that all of us consider our plan to re-open as necessary guidelines.

Lastly, this is a period that many have never seen before in our lifetime.  In times like this it is important, and often a great way to contribute to ask yourself, what can I do to help?  We would suggest the following.

Re-stock used firewood at your cabin Sweep the Floors when leaving ●Secure your garbage and place in can outside your cabin Place returnable items properly Follow the Boat Schedule

This will be a different and challenging year for all of us, including our staff.  We can all be more helpful if we can do a better job with the items listed above.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

Your Board is confident and excited to successfully re-open on June 16.

We look forward to seeing as many people as we can on the Island this Summer and Fall.


Rapshaw Board of Directors